Monday, February 27, 2006

They are jumping.

I found a very cute CM:Yambohmarboh's weather forecast .

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Japan National Championships

We've just come back from Listel Ski Fantasia in Fukushima prefecture.
We participated in the Japan championships of freestyle-ski mogul this weekend.

I was very happy to take pictures with Aiko Uemura. (a pretty girl in a pink wear)

We enjoyed talking with many people and eating delicious food at the welcome party.

It was the first time for me to be awarded at the Japan championships.

I was very surprised because I hadn't expected that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my friends MORIZOES ↓↓ the character of the expo 2005

Last night I watched the movie;Charlie and the chocolate factory.
It was soooooooo amusing! I enjoyed it perfectly.
Since I stayed up late ,I feel sleepy now.

After skiing,we went to a famous SOBA-restaurant KOJIMAYA.
And now we are stretching watching TV.
One of my friends was astonished to see many morizoes , the stuffed dolls I like.

ski again

Last night I watched the movie;Charlie and the chocolate factory.
It was soooooooo funy! I enjoyed it perfectly.
As I stayed up late ,I'm sleepy now.

Today we skied at GALA ski resort again.
Some of my friends came from Tokyo by the bullet train.
It is a good place for me to meet friends.

It was very warm and shiny today,and the snow condition was really soft.
There were many many bumps here and there,so we were very happy!!!
Though I'm taking part in the competitions this weekend , I skied too much.
Now I regret it a little.

Monday, February 20, 2006

He got his nose broken but.....

Today some of my friends have finished the examination to be doctors.
So we promised to meet at GALA ski resort and ski together after a long separation.
I think they have starved for skiing for a long time.

By the way,my friend Simond who lives in Canada seemed to ski nevertheless he had got his nose broken.
I was so surprised to hear that.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today I didn't go skiing and took a rest because of a dull pain in my back.
5days ago we came back from Switzerland, so today I'm going to write about the episodes of that travel.

In Switzerland we stayed at the town Sierre which is 2.5hours far from Geneva by car.
It was a very convenient place to do everything.
We skied at the very high place ; altitude is about 2300m~2500m.
When we arrived there ,some of us became mountain-sickness.

The mogul courses were easier than those of Czech,but a little icy.
We really enjoyed the competitions and the great views.
We could see the Matterhorn,a mountain which is 4478m high.
We had been mistaking the Matterhorn for another mountain for a few days ,
and we didn't realize the truth until the last day !

After the competitions,we went sightseeing in Geneva.
We had dinner at the restaurant that is close to the river Rhone.
Almost all menus were nice,but we couldn't eat non-sugar fresh cream.

Anyway ,the best thing of this travel was that we made friends with a lot of nice people.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Olympic games

On Wednesday night,we went to Nozawaonsen ski resort to support Osamu Ueno , an Olympic athlete who lives in Nozawa.
Many friends of Osamu gathered in the Nozawa town office.

We were glad to see Osamu in the finals.
I want to say great thanks to Osamu because we had a amazing time.
Some people said they had watched us on the TV.
We were surprised!!

ski ski ski

Today I went to GALA ski resort with my friends.
One of them is the best freestyle skier among all of the pharmacists.
Her name is Izumi,very handsome girl.

The man in the middle of this photo is Mr.Daigo Hara.
Almost all freestyle-skiers know him,because he was a finalist of the Nagano Olympics in the year1998.
He produces these nice mogul-courses,and often comments for the W-cup moguls on the TV.
Today we were so happy to ski with him.

(The man in red clothes is my husband.)

Iizuna resort

On Thursday we went to Iizuna-resort for the competition.
The people of this photo are my funny friends!

After the competition,we went to the snow festival in Tokamachi city.
A pro wrestler Animal-hamaguchi came to the festival,and he shouted as usual.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Finally we got back our skies.

This morning we got our skies that had been missing at the Geneva airport .
So tonight we'll be able to ski finally.
We were relieved because we're having the competition the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have to go to the ski resort for training,and we took the holidays again.
After that training,some of my friends will come to my house and stay for several days.
We are planning to go to a good japanese restaurant together and talk a lot.

On Saturday we'll go to GALA ski resort that has nice mogul courses.
We'll be able to enjoy skiing without being nervous, because we won't have to think about competitions anymore this weekend.

Now I should clean up the rooms and prepare the bedclothes for my friends.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In English

I've decided to start my diary in English,because it's easy to communicate with my foreign friends.
In this winter I went to Czech and Switzerland to ski .
It was really fun.
I'll write the episodes of the travel in a few days.