Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today I didn't go skiing and took a rest because of a dull pain in my back.
5days ago we came back from Switzerland, so today I'm going to write about the episodes of that travel.

In Switzerland we stayed at the town Sierre which is 2.5hours far from Geneva by car.
It was a very convenient place to do everything.
We skied at the very high place ; altitude is about 2300m~2500m.
When we arrived there ,some of us became mountain-sickness.

The mogul courses were easier than those of Czech,but a little icy.
We really enjoyed the competitions and the great views.
We could see the Matterhorn,a mountain which is 4478m high.
We had been mistaking the Matterhorn for another mountain for a few days ,
and we didn't realize the truth until the last day !

After the competitions,we went sightseeing in Geneva.
We had dinner at the restaurant that is close to the river Rhone.
Almost all menus were nice,but we couldn't eat non-sugar fresh cream.

Anyway ,the best thing of this travel was that we made friends with a lot of nice people.


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