Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday we stayed at Hotel Belnatio with some friends.
It was the first time to visit there in winter ,because I've been there only in summer to play golf.
The golf courses of this resort are so beautiful and comfortable.

Katie left my house after lunch,but we'll be able to meet in Tokyo soon.
Tonight I'll go to the gym to run.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Welcome Party

We had a welcome party for my friend Katie.
Some Japanese,one British boy,and two Americans came to my house.
We talked about our family,skiing ,snowboarding,cherryblossoms,traveling,and so on.
We talked too much ,since we hadn't met Katie for 2 years.
Now my voice is GAAAAA...

Tomorrow we'll go to a SOBA restaurant near my house.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

with Morizo

Yesterday we stayed at Maiko Kourakuen Hotel ,because I had free tickets to stay.
A small size MORIZO came with us.

Today we went to Echigoyuzawa station to pick up my friend from San Francisco.
I took her to many places because she wanted to meet many friends.
All friends served us meals at each place ,so we had dinner three times a day!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


We had a competition at Madarao Kougen today.
My team leader Mr.Fujioka took 1st prize ,and my husband took the 2nd.
We were so happy !

At the awarding ceremony,Mr Fujioka mistook the direction to bow!!
(Please look at the second photo.)

Today I couldn't participate in the race because of tiredness,but I could dedicate myself to supporting our team members.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I have an ache in my muscles around the shoulders.
It's because of yesterday's golf!
I shouldn't have practiced too much at the first time of this season.

Therefore,today I played the piano and read books and watched DVDs in my house.
I listened Fujiko Hemming's piano,and tried to imitate her,
but I noticed that the basic training is necessary for me now.

At night I had a relaxing bath time with the aroma oil of cypress.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Today I went for a drive to OBUSE in Nagano to meet one of my friends.
She came with her boyfriend , and he introduced a good restaurant MASUICHI.
Rice with chestnuts was very delicious because OBUSE is famous for chestnuts.
Marron icecream was also tasty!

Since I hadn't seen her for a long time,we enjoyed talking very much.
I was so happy to meet her after a long separation.
In addition I could listen interesting things about skiing ,because her boyfriend is a very nice skier.

On my way home I stopped by the place for golf practice.
My golf season has started!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the golf competition for・・・

Today I went skiing after working.
There were very nice bumps ,and I enjoyed jumping too.
I tried to jump with higher speed than usual.

As the spring comes,I gradually feel like playing golf.
In May we'll have a small golf competition,so I have to start to practice.

The comeptition's name is "the competition for bad players"!!!
Please join us if you think you are a bad player!
Of course the good players who can put up with the bad players will be OK.
I'm thinking that it would be better to choose weekdays,because we wouldn't have to bother the others.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On Tuesday ~No.2~

After eating we didn't feel like skiing because we felt sleepy!
Then we changed the plan and decided to go bowling.

We were very excited because we bet the game fee and ice creams.
KIKURIN,an instructor of the Sanosaka-ski-school, won with the score 153.

Anyway we found ourselves terrible players.
I cannnot say our scores!!

On Tuesday

We like eating and talking!!!
We had a happy lunch time today.
Now we are watching the WBC ,and after that we'll go skiing.

On Monday

On Monday some members of the European Cup came to my town.
I also called my friend Ikko who lives near my house.
She was a national team member of the cross-country ski, so we could talk about skiing a lot.
After eating we bought some snacks and alcohol,and drank till 4:30a.m in my house.
It was fun because everybody likes talking very much!

The red car is Jun's volvo.
It' so cool,but expensive for me!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

a guest from France

Today we went to Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort with my friends from Tochigi,
but we couldn't see the course well with a heavy fog.
Then we stopped skiing soon and went to cake shop.(AGAIN!)

Tonight I have a guest from France.
The coach of European Cup has come!
Today he watched the Junior-Olympic of mogul in Toyama prefecture,
and he dropped in my house on his way to Tokyo.

We're planning to go skiing with the members of the European Cup.
But I think that the drinking time might be main .

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Today Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort was closed because of a strong wind,so we went to Ishiuchi ski resort.
It was really windy ,but we enjoyed soft snow.
There were a lot of bumps too.

My friends brought me a cheescake ,and we had a happy cake time at my house.
It was sooooooo delicious!!!
They said that cake is famous in Tochigi prefecture.
I want to eat it again!!!

Now we are enjoying watching the worldcup of mogul .

In Tokyo

On Friday I went to Tokyo to meet my friend Yumi.
We met at an Asian restaurant CITA-CITA in Marunouchi Building .
In no time Yumi's husband showed up with his business partner Mike.
We called one more friend Hama because he was also around marunouchi.
Hama is always funny,so we laughed a lot .

After that we moved to Roppongi and joined some friends of Yumi.
We had a really good time.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

waterjump with fireworks

My friend in Switzerland gave me a mail again.
His tricks were very impressive, and I cannot forget his cross-helicopter (360p) especially.
In the European Cup, Japanese members were astonished at his big DTS(Daffy Twister Spread).

In the mail,he said he was trying the new tricks ;frontflip and 720.
He always talks about MOGUL with great joy.
Every time I get his mails,I think he really likes MOGUL.

His team members do waterjumps with fireworks in their hands.
I saw 720 with fireworks for the first time on his homepage.
It's pity that the section of the videos is under construction now.

Next time he'll report the Swiss Championships.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

~~~ aroma ~~~

Today we went to Ishiuchi Maruyama ski resort after working.
It was fun that we met some friends by accident.
But we came back soon because the bumps were very solid and dangerous.

Now I'm relaxing with the aroma of jasmine.
This type of aromapot is easy to use.

Monday, March 13, 2006


On Sunday we went to Nozawaonsen Snow Resort.
The weather was really bad ,but we were happy with a lot of bumps.

After skiing we went to the good cake shop Pattisserie Hirano in Iiyama city.
We chose WAGURINO-MONT-BLANCs(in Japanese) of the picture.
At the bottom of these cakes ,there are delicious sponge cakes.

I have already finished eating my cakes , and now only one cake is left.
Of course,that's my husbund's!
I must repeat " That cake is my husbund's!!" in my mind.
(But I'm expecting him to give me a little.....)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

the event for the cultural exchange

One of my friends sent me the photo of the wedding on March 5th.
The bride was my classmate of the university.
Because she is very beautiful and frank, she is very popular with many people.
Furthermore she has a pharmacist's license and a doctor's license.
And the bridegroom is a lawyer.

By the way I decided to participate in a certain event in April.
At that event we'll have a cherry blossom-viewing party with many French people.
It'll be a good chance for the cultural exchange!

Since the official ski competitions finished, now I have enough time to do many things.
I'm planning to study French a lot till that event.
If there is someone who wants to go with me,please let me know.
The photo has nothing to do with this event,sorry.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

the last competition

On Friday we had the last competition of this year at HACHIKITA SNOWWORLD.
The weather was very bad and we couldn't see the course because of the dense fog.
We couldn't help stopping the competiton for a while,but eventually we could finsh the finals.

I could follow the famous sisters Miki Ito & Azusa Ito.
In the results there is a big difference between the second place and the third place,
but I was really happy to get the medal at the A-class competition for the first time.
When the director gave me the medal,I hesitated because I hadn't been used to.

At the same time, I got the right to take part in the Japan National Championships of the next year.
It was so lucky!

This competition was held at Hyogo prefecture,so we met many friends in Kansai area.
Though we didn't make an eating tour this time ,we had a small snack party at the lodge.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Miyasama International Competition

On Sunday we had the second competition at the same ski area.
I had planed to attack thoroughly to take the better place than the previous day.
But that plan worked badly.
I made some mistakes in the middle of the course.
My place was the 9th ,so I didn't have to stay for the finals.
Then I left Sapporo for the airport,and had the third eating tour.

My friends who went to the welcome party of this competition seemed to enjoy eating too.

The Sapporo Competition

On Saturday the Sapporo competition was held at Bankei ski area.
In the finals I made my best run of this season,and took the 4th place.
I was very satisfied with the results.

After the awarding ceremony , I hurried to Korakuen Hotel and took part in the wedding party of my friends.
I got nervous a little to make a speech ,but enjoyed talking with many friends of the school days.

the second eating tour

On Friday we had training for the competitons .
After training we made a second eating tour!
We went to Hihumi,a cheap sushi bar of Tanukikouji-street,and ate sushi and seafood so much.
Incredibly,we went to the cake shop after that.
How big our stomachs are!!!


On Thursday we flew to Sapporo for the MIYASAMA competition.
At the opening ceremony, we met Mr.Harada,an Olympic athlete of Ski-Jump.
We asked him to take photos together with hesitation,and he accepted pleasantly with smile!
What a nice person!

After that we made an eating tour.
We went to Uoyaicchou and Fruitscake Factory .
It's our usual course.

Some of my friends said that my husband resembles Mr.Harada.......