Monday, April 03, 2006


On Sunday we took a boat from Takeshiba to Odaiba.
Mike and Katie were surprised with a small version of the Statue of Liberty.
We enjoyed the veiw and some Japanese food there.
After that,we moved to Harajuku to meet my friend Satomi,and had a happy tea time.
Yumi often takes me to many good restaurants!

We felt so sad when we said good-bye,and we couldn't stop crying.
I should go to San Francisco to meet them in the near future!

At Tokyo station I had a dinner with Satomi,and talked a lot.
I was really relaxed with her because she is always so kind and gentle.
We talked about many many things.

When I was in Tokyo,my husband got the first prize at the competition of Kawaba ski resort.
I was very happy to hear that ,though I couldn't support him.


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